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The First Tank Destroyers

In just a year the US military created the new tank destroyer arm of the army. Now the second phase was to begin. Training them.

Mission Statement

The tank destroyers mission, as stated in the War Department directive of November 27, 1941 which ordered its activation was a triple one.Training Tank Destroyers

  1. To formulate, develop, and make recommendations to the War Department concerning tactical and training doctrine, improvement, and future expansion of tank destroyer forces.
  2. To cooperate with chiefs of supply arms and services in developing tank destroyer material and in making recommendation to the War Department on this subject.
  3. To organize and operate the Tank Destroyer Tactical and Firing center, Tank Destroyer Board, and Tank Destroyer school.

In simpler terms, the command had to create something from very little. They had to create housing for troops and families, facilities for training the troops, and acquire the equipment and personnel needed for doing so.

These responsibilities broke down into a number of problems that demanded immediate attention such as: housing military personnel, completing the acquisition of the reservation area (the camp) and moving approximately 200 families, construction of the housing, construction of the ranges to meet expanding requirements, preparation for training of tank destroyer units in temporary field camps pending the completion of the construction, and establishment of subordinate headquarters to direct training.

The 893rd TD Battalion arrived at Camp Hood on 31 March 1942 and the 753rd on 1 April 1942. The facilities were only partially ready. The men were housed in field camps largely constructed of salvaged material from old abandoned CCC camps in the Eighth Corps Area.

Camp Hood, Texas, the Tank Destroyer Center Headquarters wasn't officially opened  until August  20, 1942, the camp itself was officially opened and dedicated on September 19, 1942. The Tank Destroyer shoulder patch, the first identifying insignia for tank destroyer use, designed by General Bruce and staff, was officially presented.

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