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Camp Bowie

The 808th gathered after induction for basic training at Camp Bowie. The camp was probably pretty much complete at this time and ready to turn the 808th into General Patton's own tank destroyers.

Camp Bowie
Small jeep roads cut through stands of juniper, mesquite, and oak on the stony hills of Camp Bowie

Camp Bowie was established at Brownwood in September 1940 as an infantry and artillery training center for the Thirty-sixth Infantry Division, Texas National Guard and was named in honor of the Texas patriot James Bowie. It was the first major defense construction project in Texas in World War II. The camp was occupied by the end of December 1940 by the 111th Quartermaster Regiment of the Thirty-sixth Division, commanded by Maj. Gen. Claude V. Birkhead.

Training bunker at Camp BowieBy October, 1942 Camp Bowie had expanded from an original 2,000 acres to a total of 120,000 acres and was occupied, in addition to the Thirty-sixth Division, by the 113th Cavalry of the Iowa National Guard, the Eighth Army Corps with its headquarters, and troops of the Third Army under Gen. Walter Krueger.

The 808th Tank Destroyers were receiving their basic training here.

The Third Army personnel at Camp Bowie was composed of special troops of the Seventh Headquarters Detachment of the Third Army, medical units ranging from the Second to the Seventeenth, some engineer companies, signal battalions, and chemical companies.

The Eighth Corps comprised the 174th and 142nd Field Artillery groups. The Eighteenth Field Artillery Brigade, the Fourth Armored Division.

The Seventh Headquarters Special Troops of the Fourth Army were also stationed at Camp Bowie at various times.

Camp BowieA WAC contingent was attached to the Tank Destroyer Group and the Service Command Unit.

A rehabilitation center to serve all posts and camps of the Eighth Service Command was set up in January 1942, and in August 1943 a prisoner of war camp with a capacity of 3,000 prisoners was established within the post. At that time Texas housed more POWs than any other state. This was because of the large number of bases in Texas as well as the mild weather.

Camp Bowie was declared surplus by a War Department order, effective August 31, 1946.

Camp Bowie today is home to an archeological site, a National Guard unit and a large industrial complex.

Camp Bowie today

You can read all about Camp Bowie at the Texas and Beyond website.

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Some photos courtesy of Texas and Beyond