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Introducing the 808th

Tank Destroyer training was well on it's way to being perfected when the 808th came into being. This provided the 808th with the superior training they required to make them one of the most feared units in Europe.

No military unit can survive without leadership. The 808 was blessed in that they were part of the third army under the leadership of Gen Patton. Their other leaders are honored here. This is not a complete list and this webmaster hopes to be able to get more information about all of the men who led the 808 to victory in Europe.

Leadership of the 808th TD

Robert C. McDonald, Jr. graduated from West Point and after graduation was stationed at Ft. Stotsenburg,Robert C. McDonald, Jr Philippines Islands where he was assigned to the 24th Field Artillery. He was then assigned to the 1st Field Artillery at Fort Sill, Ok. He was transferred to the 1st Division, 7th Field Artillery at Fort Benning, Ga. and then permanently stationed at Ft. Ethan Allen, Vt.

In 1942, he was ordered to Camp Robinson, Ar. with the 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion**, where he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in command of the 808th.

After the war he served tours in the Philippines, at the Pentagon and in Europe. His final tour was with the Air Defense School at Ft. Bliss. He retired from the Army in 1963

*The information above was provided by an 808er and family.

** I have no record of the 808 having been trained at Camp Robinson. I can only guess that this was on paper only and that as the men were recruited or drafted, there names came over Col McDonalds desk at Camp Robinson.

officersThis photo, taken at Camp McCoy, Wi. just before shipping off to Europe, includes 3 training officers who were transferred out of the 808th as they left Camp McCoy. The remaining officers led the 808th under McDonald.

Left to Right:
Unknown training officer, George Metzger, Unknown training officer, Charles Seitz, Vance Carrington, Anthony Gallagher, Unknown training officer and Earl Knotts.


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