Dave Whitlinger
David Whitlinger
Vincent Valente
Vincent Valente
While on a field trip in a forest in Germany with Col McDonald , Major Robinson, T/5 Dave Whitlinge[driver] and myself S/Sgt.Vincent Valente [Radio operator].
It was getting dark so the Col. decided to bed down for the night. He spotted an abandoned house on the hill and decided to spend the night there. He told Dave and myself to stay with the vehicle until morning. The vehicle was parked in a clearing and I noticed a trap door on the ground. Dave lifted the door open and we noticed a dugout below ground. We decided to spend the night in the dugout. The next morning we woke up and climbed out of the dugout and were amazed to see the destruction in the forest. By that time the Col. And Major came walking down the hill towards us. The Col. said "I thought you guys were done for. there was a heavy bombardment through the night." Lucky for us that we discovered the dugout. Being underground we never heard a sound.