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Roll Call

The Men of the 808 TD Battalion

Who is he?The WWII 808 tank destroyer battalion roll call started with just the names of the men who had attended at least one reunion. In the years since this site first went online our roll call has grown substantially.

If you know an 808er who is not listed here or see an error, please contact me.

The picture to the right was listed as Haley G. Carter but after receiving a letter from his nephew. I am at a loss to identify him. Do you know who he is? This is Ray Carter. Lynda, daughter of Johnny Harston provided the intelligence for me.

To find a specific man you can click on one of the letters below (first letter of last name) or you can scroll and enjoy the entire Roll Call as we have it to date.

A - B - C - DEFGHIJ  - KL 

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Company Name Company Name
HQ Abernathy, John HQ Alm, Franklin
  Adams, Daniel   Andre, Robert
A Adams, N. A Andreatta
HQ Adams, Irving A Angoff, Boris
HQ Albertson, Richard   Arzoomanian, Chas
HQ Allen, Dennis HQ Atkinson, Clinton
HQ Allender, Wilbur   Atkinson, Wally


Company Name Company Name
HQ Babb, John HQ Boudreaux, Dan
  Bahns, William   Boves, H.
  Baier, Milton C Sgt Bowling
  Baily, Willard HQ Bowman, Jesse
A Baker, J.   Boyden, Robert
HQ Baker, Samuel A Boyer, G.
A Ball E.   Boychenco, A.
HQ Barham, James   Brackett, Carl
HQ Barrett, Robert A Bradley
  Beard, I.   Bradly, Ralph
A Beeler   Branch, Andy
  Behan, G. A Brandt, Joe
A Bell, Robert Marion  A Brassell, D.
A Bell, W.   Braud, C.
HQ Bellflower, John A Breedemeyer, E.
A Belson, R. A Breland, C.
HQ Berend, Leonard A Brewer, Millard
  Bernend, Leonard HQ Brice, Arthur
HQ Bevis, Henry A Brietspecher, J.
  Black, Ted   Brightwell, T.
HQ Blair, Robert HQ Brinker, Albin
A Blair, R   Brinkinhoff
  Blanchette, W. HQ Brooks, Guy
  Bogle, Jack   Brown, Jack
HQ Boggs, James Earl HQ Brown, John
HQ Bohr, Gregory A Boychenko A.
HQ Bolick, Finley HQ Buckland, Clayton
HQ Bolton, Robert   Burk, Robert
  Borchers, Louis HQ Burrows, Cecil
HQ Borsky, Harold   Bushman, H.
  Bourdier, Ed   Bukowski, F.
  Boudreaux, Al HQ Byars, Crockett
  Boudreaux, Jack    

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Company Name Company Name
HQ Cadreau, Elmer HQ Clayton, Harry
  Calka, Chet HQ Claxton, Kenneth
  Cain, Elmo HQ Clements, Clifford
A Carr, A.   Clifton, James
  Carrington, Vance A Coffey, Lloyd
A Carrington, Lieutenant A Colangeli, G.
HQ Carrol, Nolan A Coleman, J.
A Carter, F. HQ Coleman, Kenneth
HQ Cater, Haley G. A Comer, J.
A Carter, Ray        ***   Comer, Lloyd
  Carter, Wayne   ***   Corcoran, D.
A Cash A Cornelius, C.
HQ Cavallo, Thomas A Cornett
  Chandley, Sanford A Cothern, E.
HQ Chilkewitz, Andrew A Couture, A.
  Ciesiolka, C. A Cox, Gordon
    B Cox, Gorden P.
A Clark, R. A Craden, Paul
  Clasby, J. A Crum, W.
  Clayton, G.   Currin, Malcolm

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*** I have a photo of a man named Carter. I do not know if this is Ray or Wayne. If you know, please tell me!


Company Name Company Name
HQ Dale, Carl HQ Delaney, Thomas
A Dalee, J. A Delbridge, J.
A Dahmer, C. HQ DeMaertelaere, E
  Dalton, James   Derrick, Frank
HQ Daniel, James B Derist
HQ Daniel, James Odell A Dice, G.
A Davis   Dietz, Donald
  Davis, A. A Dixon, J.
  Davis, Clarence   Donovan, Charles
HQ Davis, Wm. (Ed) A Duncan, C.
HQ Deemer, Donald P. A Durbin, Leland
    HQ Dutton, Willie

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Company Name Company Name
      Eligan, John
A Easley, G. A Enright, Harold
HQ Eckard, Marion L A Evans, C.W.
A Edwards, Herbert A Evans, H.
  Egner, F. HQ Evans, James
  Elder, Donald B Evilesiger,

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Company Name Company Name
A Fankhauser. M. B Followell, Raymond H.
  Farris, Robert   Folse, L.
A Faulkner, A   Fondale, John P.
  Ferone, Bill A Formydwoal
HQ Fessler, Julian HQ Foster, Clifford
  Fields, C.   Frankhauser, H.
A Fisher, J.    
  .Fjelland, Martin   Frantz, Joseph
A Fleming, Mark W. A Fredericks, R.
  Flennor, Herbert HQ Freeman, Orval
A Florek, D.   Froehlich, J.
  Florek, Edward    

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Company Name Company Name
  Gallagher, A. B. A Granoff, Leiutenant
A Gallaher, Leiutenant   Grant, H.
B Garcia, Toribio "Tony"    
A Gardner   Green, Louie
HQ Garrison, Sylvester A Griffith, R.
  Gillenwater HQ Grilliot, Dell
A Gisolo, M. HQ Grimes, James
HQ Goodale, Charles A Guhman, George
HQ Goodwin, Hill A Guilkey, J.
A Gordon A Gwartney, Millard
  Grabow, William   Gylling, Paul

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Company Name Company Name
A Hagburg   Hight, B.
HQ Haley, Francis J., Jr. HQ Hinson, Harry
A Hall, W.   Hipp, Donald
    B Hobbs
A Hackworth, Donald Glen HQ Hoerl, Walter
  Halley, Francis   Hoffman, Chick
  Hallman, W. HQ Hogland, Heldge
  Hampton, Henry   Hogue, Van
  Hancock, Derwad HQ Holbrook, Daniel
A Hankins, T.   Holbrook, John
  Harkness, William   Holden, Charlie O.
  Harrold, Bill   Holder
A Harston, Johnny   Hole, Lynn
    A Holmes, L.
  Hartgrove, Clyde A Holston
A Hartman, William HQ Holt, Herchel
  Hartz, William A Hood, A.
  Hasting, Gerald A Hooker, J.
HQ Hawkins, Charles   Hoots, H.
A Haydon, R. A Horne
A Haymon HQ Howell, John
      Hudson, George E.
  Helfrich, Joseph A Hughes, T.
HQ Hester, Joe D. A Hunter, J.
HQ Heuer, Keith A Hypes, Hershel
  Hickey, Paul A Hypes, Hershel

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Company Name Company Name
A Ingland, J   Iverson, E.


Company Name Company Name
B Pvt Jackson A Jones, Lieutenant
A Jackson, C.   Johns, R.
A Jansen, J.   Jones, J.
HQ Janson, George A Johnson, Clarence
C Jarvis, Roy A Johnson, Lieutenant
  Jeffries, W. HQ Johnson, Guy
HQ Joseph, J. Savino HQ Johnson, Harold
  Jones, B. HQ Justice, Roy, F.
A Jones, E.    

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Company Name Company Name
  Kaminski, E.   King, T.
  Kaus, Lenus   Kinsley, Ronald
HQ Kelly, James T HQ Kluba, John
  Kelly, Leo   Knotts, Earl
A Kennedy, J A Knotts, Lieutenant
  Kennedy, Ray   Kubik, Walter
A Kieswetter, R. A Kussath, E.
A King, A.   Kussatz, E.

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Company Name Company Name
A Labuda, F. A Lindon, O.
  L'Amour, Louis   Litchfield, E. P.
  Langlinais, Robert  HQ Long, Charles
A Langlinois, T. HQ Long, Edwin
  Lard, R. A Lookerse, W.
HQ LeBlanc, Newby A Love, K.
  Lebo, John B.   Lumley, J.
HQ Lee, Emmet HQ Lundy, Darwin
A Lee, H. D. HQ Lyda, George
A Leek, E. HQ Lykins, John
  Lewis, Lenwwod   Lyman, F
A Lightfoot, Francis A Lynch, K.
    HQ Lyons, Alex

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Company Name Company Name
A Maness, J   Melton, Thomas
HQ Maher, Donald   Merz, J.
  Marshall, C.   Metzger, George
  Marsilli, L. A Metzger, Lieutenant
A Martin, J.   Meyers, Bennie
A Martinez, F. HQ Mick, Ervin
  Masterson, E. A Middleton, W.
HQ Mathews, James   Middletom, W.
HQ Maus, Ronald D.   Miklosik, A.
  Mayaab, Seward   Milam, G.
A Mayabb, D. A Millage, H.
  Maynard, Charles HQ Miles, John B.
  Mayes, James E.    
A McCaleb, W. HQ Miller, Alfred
  McClellan, W.   Miller, G.
HQ McConkey, Gaylerd A Miller, Leonard
A McCormick, M.   Mills, Arnie
A McCoy, E. A Mire, Galvey
A McCulley, A. A Mitchel, J.
  McDonald, Col. R. A Mitchel, William
  McDonald, Fayette HQ Moleski, Stanley S.
  McDonald, J. A Monaghan, Mark
HQ McIntire, Herman R. A Morehead, W.
  McKenna, F. HQ Moore, Bruce B
HQ McKenna, Thomas M.   Moore, G.
A McKissack, W. HQ Moore, James
A McMaster Sr., C. (Tech Sgt.)   Morris, G.
A McMillian, E. HQ Mowery, Earl R.
HQ McMillan, Floyd HQ Mueller, Elsworth E.
A McNamara, J.   Mullineoux, J.
A McNeal, B. HQ Murphy, Thomas H.
  McNulty, W.   Murray, Donald 
  Meaux, Alfred HQ Mustard, Roy
  Meeks, James HQ Myers, Benny L.
      Mylan, W.

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Company Name Company Name
HQ Naguszewski, Chester   Nichols, Earl
  Nash, Paul A Nottleman, C.
HQ Newcomb, Thomas R. HQ Nonnenmacher, Emil L.
HQ Newell, Paul D.   Norwin, Chet
  Newlin, O.   Novinsky, Peter


Company Name Company Name
  Oestreich, Clarence   Opdahl Arthur Leroy
A Odle, Woodrow   O'Quin, Robert N.
  Ogle, Nial W.   Orton, William
HQ Olson, Lester    

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Company Name Company Name
  Page, George A Phipps, B.
  Palmer, E. HQ Pizzino, Salvatore
HQ Pattison, George HQ Pooley, Eldon
  Paulin, Marvin   Pranger, Sherman
HQ Peevy, Robert            KIA   Pratt
A Pederson A Preston, T.
A Pence, B. HQ Pranger, Sherman
Penderson, Ed   Privat, Anthony
  Perrilloux, Floyd   Ptaszek, Joe
A Perry, William A Pulling, Ivan
A Peterson, D.   Pulucci
A Peterson, G.   Pyles, Roger
  Phillips, C.    

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Company Name Company Name
A Radke, J. A Rigsby, R.
HQ Raines, Clyde   Rizzo, John
A Reed, Carl   Robinson, George
HQ Reed, Lloyd F.   Robinson, William
A Reedy, Ervin HQ Rogers, Mert L.
  Reins, Bill A Rogers, W.
HQ Reins, Wilfred K. A Romero, Lloyd
A Richards, C.   Rose, James


Riegler, Les HQ Rowell, Frankie H.
  Rigsby, George A Russom, E.

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Company Name Company Name
HQ Sadilek, George   Skeels, Robert
  Sander, Richard   Skelba, Albert
  Santoro, A.M.   Smith, Charles
  Sappenfield, R. B Lt. Smith, Ed
B Sawyer C A Snoddy, Robert
HQ Savino Joseph, J A Sorey, A.
A Schadler, C. A Spears, J.
  Schaefer, Gill   Spinkle, W.
  Schaefer, R.   Spires, V.
A Schaiffer, R. HQ Stall, Earl
A Schlester, A. A Stamper, H.
  Schlueter, Al HQ Stanger, Lyle
  Schryer, K. A Stather, P.
  Schween, Herman C Staton, Harold
  Scott, John A Stecher, F.
A Secoy, Russel HQ Steelman, Robert
  Seger, B. C Stewart, John
  Seitz, Charles A Stevens, P.
A Seitz, Captain A Stout, Donald
A Self, Jay   Stryk, Anton
HQ Shade, Eugene A Stuck, W.
A Sharble, L.   Suck, W.
A Shelton, S.   Suire, Evest
B Sherril,   Suire, Pervis
A Shinkle, S.   Summay, Arvin
A Shipp, R.   Sweatfield, Edward Alvin
  Shurte, Lloyd C Sgt. Sweeney
HQ Sieminski, Frank   Szubka, Roman
HQ Singletary, Wilfred    
A Sinks, A.    
A Sipes, Willard    
A Sizemore, B.    
A Skali, W.    

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Company Name Company Name
HQ Tate, Ozay J. HQ Thomasson, Walter D. Jr
  Taylor, Cal Mitchell          KIA A Thompson
A Taylor, R. A Thornton
  Taylor, Willard A Tolle
  Telenko, J. A Toombs E.
HQ Templeton, Edward          KIA   Trotto, Nick
  Terwainis, Ed A Troutt
HQ Tesi, Teseo A Tryon, Edward
  Thackwray, D   Tucker, Bob
HQ Thies, Everett F. A Tucker, J.
  Thodes, D.   Tucker, O.
HQ Thomas, Albert A Tuley, James


Company Name Company Name
HQ Ulbricht, Paul O.    


Company Name Company Name
HQ Vetashick, Joseph A Vigil, A.
A Vargo, Steve HQ Valente, Vincent
A Varney, R. HQ VanPelt, Charles P.
A Vaughn, J. HQ Verrett, Clifton
A Voltz, B. HQ Vetsas, Stephen
      Vogel, Carl William

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Company Name Company Name
  Wade, John   Williams, Bunyan
  Wagner, R. A Williams, J.
HQ Walker, Gerald C.   Williams, Lloyd
A Walters, M. A Williams, W.
A Walton, J.    
A Ward, Jesse A Wilson, Kenneth  
A Warren, Richard   Wingert, Henry
A Warricks, J.   Winters, C.
HQ Waser, Francis E. A Witherspoon, Ken
A Watson, Clarence L. A Wofford
  Webb, W. HQ Woodlee, Brownie
  Weems, Odell   Woodward, Virgil
A West, Richley HQ Wright, Edgar C.
HQ Whitlinger, David O. A Wright, J.
  Whitlinger, W   Wright, James
HQ Wierman, Frank G   Wright, Julius
A Wilkes, M. HQ Wright, Orland O.
A Williams, B.   Wyatt, Robert
  Williams, Bert    

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Company Name Company Name
  Young, Everett   Young, W.
  Young, Freeman    


Company Name Company Name
  Zserdin, Michael    

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