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The 808 tank destroyers have had an annual reunion for many years. The first reunions were just a hand full of men living near one another. Over the years more and more of the 808ers attended the reunions. They took turns hosting them so that travel time and expenses were shared. Today the 808th family has grown to include not only the vets and spouses but also their children and grandchildren who attend the annual reunions. Of course we always encourage any interested persons to attend our reunions and they often do.

Past Reunions

The table below is a listing of all of the official 808 tank destroyer reunions. The underlined locations are a link to information about and pictures taken during that reunion.

As you can see we don't have pictures for a lot of the reunions. If you find any at all I would love if you would share with the 808th TD website. Contact me.

1954 Unknown Location 1980 Omaha, Ne 1997 Omaha, Ne
1957-58 Dayton, Oh 1981 Roanoke, Va 1998 Branson, Mo
1959-60 Wheeling W. Va 1982 Overland Park, Ks 1999 Lafayette, La
1961 Detroit, Mi 1983 Hot springs, Ar 2000 Cedar Falls, Ia
1962-63 Detroit, Mi 1984 Nashville, Tn 2001 Never forget
1964 Ironton, Oh 1985 Overland Park, Ks 2002 McAllen, Tx
1965 Portsmouth, Oh 1986 New Orleans, La 2003 Cincinnati, Ohio
1966 Memphis, Tn 1987 Omaha, Ne 2004 Hendersonville, NC
1967 Kansas City, Kn 1988 Hot springs, Ar 2005 Columbus Ohio
1968 Lafayette, La 1989 New Orleans, La 2006 Cape Girardeau
1969 San Francisco, Ca 1990 Hendersonville, NC 2007 Lebanon, Tn
1970 Minneapolis, Mn 1991 Nashville, Tn 2008 Greenville, Ohio
1971 Grand Island, Ne 1992 Omaha, Ne 2009 Cincinnati, Ohio
1972 Overland Park, Ks 1993 Dubuque, Ia 2010 No reunion
1973-77 No reunion 1994 Minneapolis, Mn 2011 Lafayette, La
1978 Grand Island, Ne 1995 Rapid City, SD 2012 Cincinnati, Oh
1979 Marrieta, Oh 1996 New Orleans, La 2013 No Reunion