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Reunion 2009

Five of the six men attending this yearWe had a great time at the reunion this year. The "almost" bed and breakfast atmosphere of the Kirkwood Inn worked well for the group after a few bumps were worked out. We settled in to a great week of reconnecting with old friends and remembering those who are no longer with us.

Gayle took tons of photos for us again this year, I for one have grown to depend on his skills for our reunion photos, and want to thank him for downloading his camera to my laptop throughout the reunion.

We stayed at the Kirkwood Inn in Mason/Lebanon Ohio, about 20 miles northeast of Cincinnati.




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This year our efforts were for a bed and breakfast setting. The grounds proved to be as beautiful as we had hoped.

The Kirkwood Inn

On Tuesday we took a short ride on a train reminiscent of the trains many of the men rode during WWII, then we had lunch at the famed Golden Lamb Hotel.

A Train Ride

Friday we took a ride on a real WWII amphibious vehicle, then had lunch at The Bar-B-Q Review, one of Cincinnati's finest Bar-B-Q restaurants.

Riding a Duck

In a weeks time we spend what seems like a lot of time eating, we really don't but the number of photos taken before and after eating would certainly seem the opposite.

Dinner at The Heritage



I'm really trying to get these done before this years reunion! More will be added later today, I hope!


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