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An assortment of US flags.
Don't Tread On Me
Colonial Era

US Army Flag - 1775
US Army Flag
Adopted in 1775

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Betsy Ross Flag

13 Star Flag
13 Star -
First Official Flag

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Civil Flag of

34 Star - Civil War Era
34 Star
Civil War Era

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Confederate Battle Flag

50 Star Current US Flag
50 Star
Current US Flag

Reunion 2007

Annual group photo 2007Lebanon, Tennessee


This year the annual 808th tank destroyer reunion was hosted by the Watson brothers, son of the late Clarence L. Watson.

the group photo to the right will open, when clicked on, in a new window for a more detailed look.



Del takes a rest




Del puts his feet up for a few minutes during the WW II 808th TD 2007 reunion.



George "Buck" Lyda




George Lyda drove from his home in North Carolina to the reunion in Lebanon Tn. He is shown here allowing us to see his license plate depicting his veteran status and Purple Heart.
We are proud to have George with the 808!



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