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The 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion

invites you to enjoy this site while learning about WWII and tank destroyers

An assortment of US flags.
Don't Tread On Me
Colonial Era

US Army Flag - 1775
US Army Flag
Adopted in 1775

Betsy Ross flag
Betsy Ross Flag

13 Star Flag
13 Star -
First Official Flag

Civil Flag of Peacetime
Civil Flag of

34 Star - Civil War Era
34 Star
Civil War Era

Confederate Battle Flag
Confederate Battle Flag

50 Star Current US Flag
50 Star
Current US Flag


The 808 tank destroyers have been recognized for their service many times over the years. Often as the result of the "right person" hearing of an upcoming reunion.

Even when prompted by the host of an upcoming reunion being recognized is always nice.

Presented to every 808er in attendance at the 2003 reunion.

White House Top Portion
White House Greeting 2003

President George Bush's signature is covered with a flag because I was told you can not publish a sitting presidents signature.

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