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The 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion

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An assortment of US flags.
Don't Tread On Me
Colonial Era

US Army Flag - 1775
US Army Flag
Adopted in 1775

Betsy Ross flag
Betsy Ross Flag

13 Star Flag
13 Star -
First Official Flag

Civil Flag of Peacetime
Civil Flag of

34 Star - Civil War Era
34 Star
Civil War Era

Confederate Battle Flag
Confederate Battle Flag

50 Star Current US Flag
50 Star
Current US Flag

Privacy Policy

I will attempt to answer all your questions here simply and without a ton of legal jargon which should not be needed on a small non-business site.

The 808 Tank Destroyer Battalion from WWII is not a business site. We want you to enjoy your experience on the internet and have built our site with your comfort in mind.

1. We do not ask for any personal information. If we do not ask, you can not give it to us and there is no way for me to take it. Scripts used on the site (to open slide shows) will do only what you see them do. They contain no malicious content.

Images on our site are simple images, they do not contain hidden scripts. Every image used on this site has been opened and manipulated inside my own graphics program. They are guaranteed free of scripts.

2. When you email the webmaster, your email address will only be used to contact you regarding this site. There is no business content on this site so you will not receive SPAM. Unless otherwise requested, I will add your email address to my database of site visitors, 808ers and family. I rarely use these email addresses and never share them with anyone. They are saved on my own PC, not the server.

3. I do not use cookies.

4. I try to keep the site W3C compliant. If you want to learn more about W3C compliance go to http://www.w3c.org. However, this site is very heavy with photos , total W3C compliance is impossible while maintaining a site this heavy with photos..

5 If I missed something, please let me know, I will be glad to verify anything you want to know. We are a family friendly site, here to entertain, educate and keep the memory of the 808 Tank Destroyer Battalion alive as well as remember WWII.

6. This site is free, though since I had to quit working outside the home I do ask for donations, they are strictly voluntary, you do not have to send a donation to get a response from me nor to add your content to the site. I, the developer, will evaluate the content you submit, possibly correct spelling or grammar errors and on rare occasion verify the information, if possible, before adding it to the site.

7.  At no time will this site ever publish hate content. This site is about a battalion of WWII veterans. Content is in reference to WWII and the reunions the battalion has enjoyed since VE Day.

Internet Security

Many people set their browsers to protect them from malicious content, as a matter of fact, most browsers these days have a default setting protecting you from malicious content. This is not a bad thing, but it does limit the fun you can have. I guarantee this site to be free of malicious content. Big deal, a stranger has told me it is safe! Yes, I understand that. However, my scripts are clean. Below I will show you how to allow scripts to run on individual pages and how to add 808th.com to your safe list.

Allowing a single page to run scripts:

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Though a bit difficult to see in this thumbnail image, if you click on it you will see a large, easier to read copy of the same image. As always on this site, close the larger image to return here.

Notice the very top line inside the browser window. "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or Active X controls that could access your computer. Click here for options."

Click it, it will turn blue and a fly out will appear. Slide your mouse over and click on "Allow Blocked content."

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After you click on "Allow Blocked Content the dialog box below will appear inside your browser window.

Click Yes to allow your browser to run my script on your computer. This will only alloow the script on that page to work, when you go to the next page, you will need to repeat this process.


You can add the 808th to your trusted sites in the Security tab of Internet Options when you click on tools on your browser.

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