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Gear Used by Tank Destroyers

All soldiers need gear. Clothing, weapons, transportation, safety equipment are all part of the gear issued to each soldier or their unit. At induction they are issued basic gear. Additional items are added as needed.

The US soldier does not have anything he doesn't need.

Personal Gear

2 tags, identification 2 trousers, wool, olive drab 2 caps, garrison, khaki
1 tape for Ind. tags, cotton 2 trousers, cotton, khaki 1 cap, wool knit
1 raincoat 2 trousers, herringbone twill 1 meat can
1 shaving brush 1 belt, web, waist 1 knife
1 tooth brush 1 coat, serge, olive drab 1 fork
1 comb 1 overcoat, wool, olive drab 1 spoon
1 razor with 5 blades 2 jackets, herringbone twill 1 liner, helmet w/ neckband
2 towels, huck (huckaback) 1 jacket, field 1 manual, basic field
1 towel, bath 2 shirts, wool, olive drab 2 neckties, mohair
2 barrack bags 2 shirts, cotton, khaki 3 pr socks, wool, light
5 drawers, cotton 1 hat, herringbone twill 5 pr socks, cotton, tan
5 undershirts, cotton 1 headband 2 pr shoes, service
1 pr. leggins 4 handkerchiefs, cotton 1 canteen
1 pr gloves, wool 1 cap, garrison, olive drab 1 canteen cover
    1 cup, canteen

Personal Weapons

Each man carried a weapon. Different ranks and different responsibilities required a different weapon. Below are the weapons likely carried by tank destroyers as their personal weapon.

Battalion Equipment

Vehicles and large guns were considered battalion equipment. They were distributed between the companies and squads within those companies.

Combat Additions to personal gear


Vehicles that tow weapons, vehicles that are weapons and vehicles used to transport equipment.

towed gun

When American forces landed in Normandy it was already evident that the towed weapons were very difficult to work with effectively in the terrain found in Europe. This is an important point when we realize the 808 was never fully self-propelled and were the most effective TD battalion. .

You can view a slide show with pictures of many of the vehicles used by the 808. Some vehicles are identified.

The image to the right will open to full size if you click on it.


Gear Shortages

December of 1944 and The Battle of the Bulge made history with the shortages. The entire story of this event is available under the link for Quartermaster above.

I will be compiling a listing of shortages from the after action reports. Since all of the After Action Reports are not available it will not be a complete listing of all shortages but will be exemplary of what the men had to deal with not having on a monthly basis.


Watch Slide Shows

Links that open a slideshow require JavaScript to work. You many need to allow scripts to run on your browser to take advantage of these (and all) slideshows.

WWII Clothing

TD Vehicles


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