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First 808th TD After Action Report

Online on September 25, 1944

On orders of XII Corps battalion attached to 80th Infantry Division and relieved 610th TD Bn on line. Division engaged in consolidating positions East of Moselle River covering front a0pproximately fro Pont-A-Mousson to Monteney. One company in support of each combat team, providing AMczd defense:

"A" Company (-) Direct support 317th, "B"  (-) Direct support 318th, "C" Company direct support 319th, 1st and 3rd platoons "A" Company occupied indirect fire positions under supervision Division Artillery.

September 26 - October 6

Companies continued in support of CT's providing AMczd defense and firing direct and indirect missions. Co's changed and improved positions as required by tactical situation. All platoons in direct fire positions subjected to mortar and arty fire. 2nd and 3rd platoons "C" company, dug in positions in woods, found tree bursts made positions untentable during fire so overhead cover was built for all guns; guns were dug in and sand bags were used to build up sides to make revetment, then logs and earth were placed on top.

On September 22, 1st recon platoon attached to "A" company; on Sept 29, 2nd recon platoon attached to "C" company. Initially these platoons employed to provide local security; then established and manned OP's reporting enemy information to COs and CTs. Platoon Sgt, 1st recon platoon, adjusted fires of artillery.

September 28th 1st and 3rd platoons company "A" occupied new indirect fire positions on hill above Faulx under supervision of 313th F.A. Bn.

September 29, 1st platoon "C" company occupied indirect fire positions.click on image to see full size

October 1, "C" company supported local attack of 319th infantry on Rennaissance Farm and Les 4 Fers. 1st platoon fired indirect on farm while 2nd platoon and s2nd recon platoon fired direct. Preparation lasted 10 minutes, 113 rounds HE being expended by 1st platoon, 50 rounds HE and 38 rounds APC by 2nd platoon and 50 rounds 37mm APC and 20 rounds 37mm HE by 2nd recon platoon. Infantry advanced under fire to take farm and Les 4 Fers. Our fires virtually destroyed farm and killed at least 13 Germans.

During period 26 September - October 6 a total of 9 mission direct fire and 146 missions indirect, both observed and unobserved were fired. 229 rounds HE and 80 rounds APC were expended on direct fire missions; 2,565 rnds HE were expended on indirect fire missions.

The direct fire missions: the town Moivron, church steeple at Moreville, pillbox on Mt St Jean, town of Benicourt, water tower at Rennaissance Farm, Rennaissance Farm, town of Lixieres, Les 4 Fers, church steeple at Manoncourt, all fire was accurate and effective.

October 7 - 9

Supported attack of division to push line generally along the Seille River including taking of Mt Toulon and Mt St Jean by delivering direct and indirect fires and providing AMczd defense. The plan and execution thereof:

  1. "A" company - under division control unit Mt Toulon and Mt St Jean were taken. On October 8th from 0600 and 0630 1st and 3rd platoons fired 240 rnds HE indirect fire on Mt Toulon and Mt St Jean from positions above Faulx; 2nd platoon at same time fired 149 rnds HE and 48 APC at pillboxes and troops on Mt Toulon from positions above Belleau. When infantry took objective 1st platoon moved to AMczd positions NW side Mt Toulon.3rd platoon going into assembly area. On October 8th "a" company ordered to direct SPT 319th to their objective of high ground E of Manoncourt they SPT support 317th to their objective Chenidourt. 319th accomplished objective and on October 9 "A" company when in direct support of 317th, taking up AMczd positions in their sector on division S flank.
  2. "B" company, direct support 318th infantry on October 8 from 0600 and 0630 "b" company fired 312 rnds HE direct fire at Manoncourt. As CT advanced to take Manoncourt "B" company followed advance taking up new AMczd positions on October 9th.
  3.  "C" company, direct support 328th infantry, "26th division" which was attached to 80th division and took over left flank sector of division. This CT held ground and organized for counter attack. The night of Oct 7 - 8 all guns of "C" company except 2nd section 3rd platoon moved from AMczd positions and took up indirect positions vic Atton. The morning of the attack from 0600 - 0630 fired 600 rnds HE indirect at Eply, Raucourt, and St Jure as diversionary fires. At 0630 all guns moved back into direct fire positions. 

October 10 - 31

During this period division occupied and improved defensive positions E of Moselle River and W of LaSeille River. 328th Infantry relieved of attachment to 80th Infantry Division. Our companies placed in direct support CTs; "A" company with the 319, "B" company with the 318th, "C" company with the 317th, providing AMczd defense. One platoon of each company occupied indirect fire positions under fire control responsibility of following FA Bn's: "A" company under 315th, "B" company under 974th, "C" company under 512th.

On Oct. 29th "B" company placed under fire control responsibility of 315th. On Oct 15th, one gun from indirect fire platoon of "A" company placed in proglongation of road between Raucourt and Nomeny with mission of delivering harassing fires on road. On Oct 16th, one gun from indirect fire platoon of "B" company placed on progation of road vic Ressaincourt and Secourt with same mission. A total of 646 indirect missions fired during the period with and expenditure of 5,907 rnds HE.

On Oct 30th, recon platoons relieved of duty on OP's and assigned missions of reconnoitering La Seille River for possible fords. Four direct fire missions delivered: agt church steeple, Rouves, Nomeny and Abaucourt, expending 129 rnds HE (including 10 CP T105 fuzes) and 31 rnds APC. 1st and 2nd recon platoons alternated manning OP's vic Nomeny and Chenicourt, reporting information to battalion. Training conducted during the period, emphasis being placed on firing of rocket launcher and rifle grenade, and attack of fortified area with other arms. All elements subjected to artillery and mortar fire during this period. Cannibalized German 7.5 cm pack 40 and fired approximately 30 rnds HE and 10 rnds APC on direct harassing missions vic Nomeny and Raucourt 


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