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Record of Service

Ray Followell kept his record of service. There are notations that are heart-felt and overwhelming for someone who has never lived through active duty.

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On page 3, Promotions, you can see Ray started a private, of course, was promoted to Corporal then to Sargent. Not long after that he is busted back down to private. When Ray told the story this was due to a craps game. A Lt lost and instead of making good on his debt he saw to it Ray was busted back down to private for gambling. It did not take long until the Colonel found out about it and Ray was not only returned to his previous level but was promoted to Sargent T/4. Yea Ray!

Ray makes note of reaching the front on 23 September, 1944 in Bratt, France. Moved to front at 10:00 next day and was under fire around noon. Shelled for an hour. "It was hell. Mud knee deep. Nobody hurt but captured 3 krouts.

Ray also notes he lost his best buddy, Cal Taylor, in another engagement. That was October 13, 1944, the day after his 20th birthday. (Ray is my dad, he was born 10/12/22.)


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