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This is the home of the WWII 808 Tank Destroyers. The tank destroyers were created during WWI to destroy the Germans' new tanks. The 808th TD Battalion was under Gen. Patton's command and were considered "his own" Tank Destroyers. Our site hopes to familiarize visitors not only with the 808th TD Battalion but also with the European Theater of operations and the era of tank destroyers. We also have a large area devoted to the 808 tank destroyer vets since the end of WWII.

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I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands:
One nation under God,
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Tank Destroyer Battalions were attached to other divisions and were commanded by the Commanding General of the Ground Forces.
There purpose was to seek, strike and destroy the enemy.

TDs (tank destroyers) were developed during WWII for WWII offensive against German tanks which were far superior to our own.


Old Soldiers of the 808 T.D.

808 have reunion once a year.
We see our buddies far and near.
We hope to see them all.   
At the reunion next fall.

All the time we were together
didn't have time to think of the weather.
Through rain, snow and sleet,
we even got a little sleep.

When the reunion comes around,
the talk sometimes run in the ground.
But all seem to have a lot of fun
so try and come you old Son of a Guns.

We are getting old,
and our hair is getting gray.
Some of our bodies full of pain
and others stay the same.

We will have a big reunion one day
High in the sky so far away.
One day this world will end
then we will all be together again.

Written by:
George Robinson
Year unknown


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